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Company Reg: 183894/074/074      Aapan Birgunj-आपन वीरगंज           DOI Reg: 734/074-75

About us

Aapan Birgunj is an online news portal, of Aapan Birgunj Media Group Private Limited, registered in Department of Information, Government of Nepal and Press Council Nepal. It was founded in February 2018. It is the first and the biggest Bhojpuri news portal of Nepal. The news portal runs from Birgunj. Reportedly, it has been found that Aapan Birgunj is the most popular online news portal of Birgunj city, the largest and only metro city of Province-2, with more than 70,000 followers on Facebook page.

Our History

Aapan Birgunj Media Group Private Limited is a team of diversified young innovators destined to bring grassroots issues and common peoples’ voice, which are mostly neglected, to the forefront while contributing in inclusive development of Nepal. Values based on voice of the voiceless, professional journalism ethics and integrity; Aapan Birgunj was officially established in February 2018. Lack of integrity, ethics of journalism and moral values in media in Birgunj and Madhesh as whole paved the way for the birth of Aapan Birgunj right after the elections of Nepal 2018.

Before establishing itself into a media company, Aapan Birgunj was a general Facebook Page. The admins, who were initially unknown to each other, got connected on Facebook later on and started to run the page informally. The admin panel, which is highly diversified in professions and background, during the elections of Nepal 2018, felt a terrible need of media platform which could be an alternative media in native language of Birgunj by being voice of the voiceless while contributing in inclusive development of the country.

In 2018, the team established Aapan Birgunj as a media company and commenced the journey of a professional journalism with an online news portal service. Today, within a very short span of time, Aapan Birgunj has become one of the most popular news portals of Province-2 of Nepal.

Our Vision

To be voice of the voiceless while contributing in inclusive development of Nepal

Our Core Values

  • Voice of the voiceless- We bring grassroots issues and common peoples’ voice in native language, which are mostly neglected, to the forefront
  • Practice of Professional Journalism Ethics- Our whole activities and principles are bounded by the ethics of journalism
  • Integrity- We believe integrity in the work multiplies the result and motivate a team to reach to a destined goal set

Our Missions

  • To be an alternative media in Terai/Madhes
  • To conserve and endorse Bhojpuri language
  • To make stakeholders accountable and transparent to the people
  • To empower common people regarding practice of accountability
  • To play the role of a catalyst in overall development of Nepal.

Why advertise your product at Aapan Birgunj?

Our unique platform provides you a wonderful opportunity to promote your product/brand to attentive audiences from locally to nationally and globally.

Get Your Product/Brand Noticed to Prime Cities of Nepal: Our platform has large audiences from major cities of Nepal like- Kathmandu, Birgunj, Janakpur, Biratnagar, etc.  An appropriate and huge number of audiences will get to know about your product through our unique platform.

Be Competitive in Digital Market: Once Bill Gates said, “If your business isn’t on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. This saying of Bill Gate is not joke in this digital world. Your business at internet through right platform will provide force in your marketing campaign. Our platform is the precise right place for your business.

Promote Your Product/Brand Inexpensively: By spending little or very little amount on advertisement at our platform is a wiser investment that will bring greater return on investment. Your platform is growing extensively every day and will cover broader audiences every day, but your investment will remain constant for particular period of time as agreed.

Get Your Product/Brand Noticed Internationally: Our audiences aren’t limited to Nepal only. We have a considerable fan following from India, Golf Countries, UAE, USA and other prominent countries of the world. Your product is going to get eye-catching attention to whooping number of mass globally.

Be a Contributor of Inclusive Development: Our vision is- To be voice of the voiceless while contributing in inclusive development of Nepal. Your business with us will help us to sustain and eventually help in bringing the voices of voiceless and contribute in inclusive development of Nepal.

Our Audiences Profile as per Gender, Country, Cities and Languages
(Pic 2: Aggregated data about our audiences based on age, gender, country, city and language)

According the data by Facebook, Aapan Birgunj has 92% Male and 8% Female followers. We have 40% of followers from 25-34 age group and 37% of followers from 18-24 age group among Male followers whereas 3% in both the respective age groups among Female followers.

Aapan Birgunj is loved equally in abroad. Among our 70,000 followers, we have around half of the followers from Nepal and half of the followers outside Nepal (refer to the Pic 2 for depth details on our fan base based on country, cities and languages).

(Pic 3: Comparative data among top 10 news portal of Birgunj areas as of November 16, 2018)

According to a data by Facebook, it has been proved that Aapan Birgunj is the most popular online news portal of Birgunj city, the largest and only metro city of Province-2. The data shows that Aapan Birgunj has been able to engage 12.1 thousand Fb users with 0.6% growth rate on 51 post in a particular week.

 In regards to advertisement proposal

We take extreme proud to let you know that aapanbirgunj.com is the first and biggest Bhojpuri Digital Online News Portal of Nepal. We are the biggest and most active online news portal of Birgunj city, the largest city of Province-2 of Nepal. Though we are in the initial phase, thanks to our decent work and immense love from our audiences, we have reached to more than Seventy thousand followers on the Facebook page.

To support us in continuing our decent work in the field of professional journalism, we hereby request you to provide advertisement opportunity. This advertisement opportunity will deliver a big-scaled platform for the promotion of your brand/product to the precise audiences you are looking for.

Categories of Advertisements

S.N.Space NameSize (Pixels)Rate (per month in NRs)
1.Wide banner (over master head)1350 x 21530,000
2.Wide banner ( by the side of master head)1000 x 12020,000
3.Wide banner ( below menu)1240 x9015,000
4.Left wide banner front880×9012,000
5.Left wide banner inside every news880×9010,000
6.Right side bar (big size)300×15010,000
7.Right side bar (small size)300×908,000
8.Vertical both side130×60010,000
9.Right side bar (smallest)300 x 755,000
10.Inside sector wise news880 x 903,000
*Note: 1. 10% discount is available in the aforementioned rates. 2. VAT hasn’t been included in the rate list. 3. We provide Facebook boost services as well for which we charge additional 40%.


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 Members of board of directors – 

  1. Mithilesh Chaurasiya – Chairperson
  2. Ashok Kumar Kushwaha – Senior Vice-Chairperson
  3. Salma Khatoon – Vice-Chairperson
  4. Azmat Ali Ansari – Vice-Chairperson
  5. Shambhu Kumar Suman – General Secretary
  6. Jai kumar Sah – Secretary
  7. Ritu Raj Patel – Treasurer


Aapan Birgunj Media Group Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Panitanki08, Birgunj

Contact: 977-9804261065, 977-9802728938,

977-9819286846, 977-9855035457

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aapanbirgunj

Twitter: https://twitter.com/@aapanbirgunj

YouTube: Aapan Birgunj – आपन वीरगंज


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